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No matter where you’re driving, our mission is to help you arrive at your destination safely! Operating a vehicle is serious business, and there are steps each of us can take to make our time behind the wheel more mindful, enjoyable and secure. Whether you are fresh out of driver’s ed or you graduated decades ago, the information posted on iRideSafe™, combined with a little extra care, can help get you and your loved ones there safely.

All of us here at iRideSafe™.com are committed to providing the best information and resources available on the web. With your participation, we can lower the rate of car accidents, serious injuries and deaths in Georgia. We invite you to check out and share our videos and downloadable materials, all created to help you and your family arrive safely every time!

Distracted driving is a dangerous epidemic on America’s roadways. Make a commitment to drive distraction-free!

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"There are NO mulligans when it comes to a car crash. You never know when it could happen to you. Make sure you and ALL your passengers are buckled up, every trip and every time. Seat belts DO save lives!"

- Jenny Harty
Child Passenger Safety Advocate & Mom

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Seat Belts / Buckle Up

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Winter Driving

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