A public service program of:

Safety Guides

Child Passenger Safety

iRideSafe Child Safety Seat Guidelines

Take Our Child Passenger Safety Pledge

Rear-Facing Car Seat Guide

Forward-Facing Car Seat Guide

Booster Seat Guide

Take the Seat Belt Readiness Test

Hey Kids! Take the Booster Seat Promise

Used Car Seat Checklist

Q & A - About Car Seat Safety

The Importance of LATCH


Teen Driver Safety

Explanation of TADRA

Take Our Teen Driver Pledge

Driver Safety

Take the Driver Pledge

Accident Checklist

Jump-Starting Your Vehicle

Prevent Drunk Driving

Share the Road with Large Trucks

Georgia's Move Over Law

Tips to Prevent Car Rollovers

School Bus Safety

Guide to Severe Weather Driving

Tire Safety Check

What to do During a Tire Blowout
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